Tanunda Medical Centre is proud to be associated with the Barossa Valley PRCC, a collaboration between Flinders University and Adelaide University.  The PRCC provides undergraduate medical students with a full year of clinical training.  Each year 2 of these students come to Tanunda Medical Centre, and train under the close direction of the doctors.  We hope that in addition to giving the medical students excellent exposure to general practice medicine and surgery that it also may inspire them to one day return to the country as rural doctors…

Tanunda Medical Centre also provides post graduate training of registrars through GPEx General Practice Training.  These doctors are placed with Tanunda Medical Centre for between 6 and 18 months.  We encourage them to live locally and experience not only the rural medicine but also the rural life. The registrars see patients independently but receive mentoring from the partners of TMC.


PRCC Students 2021

Angela Eagles
Annie Arnold
Isabella Starmer