Fees & Payment

Standard consultations


Medicare Rebate = $41.40

Long consultations


Medicare Rebate = $80.10

Extended consultation


Medicare Rebate = $118.00

Tanunda Medical Centre is private billing practice. GP Management Plans through our “Living Well Clinic” will to be bulk billed, as will DVA Gold card holders.

All patients who receive After Hours Services at Tanunda War Memorial Hospital will be charged a fee.

 All childhood immunisations are bulk billed.


We ask that accounts be paid at the time of consultation.

EFTPOS and major credit cards are accepted.

When you pay or receive an account, our system sends the account to Medicare electronically. Please bring your Medicare card so that the your records can be updated correctly.


Tanunda Medical Centre is committed to providing the highest standard of care. Missed Appointments prevent other patients attending their doctor. There may be a private fee of $80.00 for non attendance.